Kneel at the robes of ‘The Edublogger’

How I Use RSS To Make My Life Easier | The Edublogger

Iā€™m really into RSS ā€” a RSS power user may be an appropriate title since I grab every RSS opportunity to make my life easier and maximise my ability to interact effectively with others.

This is where it’s at. In fact I would go further than The Edublogger and say that if it doesn’t have RSS I am not interested. You don’t have to become an RSS ninja but if you work on some basic moves it can allow you to keep track of things that you thought wasn’t possible. The power of digital content for me as a teacher is in the filtering and retrieval of the information. Can I search it quickly to find what I want? If you have RSS feeds for each class showing wiki and blog contributions (posts, comments, edits etc) that you can filter by name, sort by keyword or even embed somewhere else (and have it update automatically) gathering “evidence of learning” is not such big deal. You just have to get the tasks right. But that’s another post. Probably a series.
Invest some time, learn some “RSS kung-fu”. You won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “Kneel at the robes of ‘The Edublogger’

  1. I like that “RSS kung-fu” šŸ™‚ . Can’t imagine my life without it and often find that searching my Google Reader locates more relevant articles than Googling keywords.

    Glad you like the post and looking forward to your series of posts on RSS.

  2. Thanks Sue!
    I lifted the “kung-fu” term from Merlin Mann of although I don’t know if he was the first to coin the phrase. I like the imagery. We all continue on our journeys toward “enlightenment.”
    My series of posts on RSS? Gosh. No pressure or anything…

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