Technology Mastery Day 2 reset

Big day. Thank you to all presenters who once again did a great job of putting together some interesting and relevant things for people.
Huge thank you to participants in my workshop that assured me I didn’t talk too much. I don’t believe you but thanks all the same! Had an issue with QuickTime plugin for IE7. In the pre-workshop post I embedded my slides as a QT movie with active links to websites I was going to talk about. It was supposed to make it easier for participants but it ended up being a bit of a pain. If people are still having issues contact IT support.
I have reviewed my material and retagged bookmarks in with “techmastery” to make them easier for people to locate. They can be viewed here. Remember, get your friends onto delicious and “share the love”.
For those wishing to review anything we covered I can’t recommend Atomic Learning enough. Great tutorials there. If you can’t remember the username and password drop me an email.
Everyone requested a copy of the “Online research workflow” so here it is in several “flavours” depending on your preference…
Inspiration v8
online-research-steps pdf with notes
online-research-steps MSWord with notes
Simple flowchart for online research jpeg
I was very excited when one of the participants from the workshop met me on the stairs and squealed “I used! Someone wanted a website, I had it bookmarked and there it was!”
Super sweet.
If I have forgotten anything or there is any other feedback don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Digital Education Revolution Symposium

keynote presentations
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What a mouthful. Might just call it the DERS for short. Well we (AH, HK and myself) “did” the symposium that I was prepping for in the last post. Mark Pesce was keynote. He has interesting things to say (forward thinking, bit on the edge?) and is worth checking out in my opinion.
Listened to him on previous podcasts. He participated in the forums with dana boyd when she visited last year.

Information from DEEWR was interesting, timeline of things, how money is being rolled out, deadlines for applications etc. I did find it curious that the mood in the room still contained a little negativity. Comments raised such as “when are we going to get training” and “this is all well and good but we need a cultural change.” Heck! Do these people want their slice of $1.2 billion or not?! Do they expect all the work to be done for them?

Silverton Primary School presented in the same session as us. They have lots of cool stuff going on and seems like a fun place to be if you’re a kid. The principal and one of the teachers showed off some of the kit that they use (mp3 recorders and players, Flip cameras, datalogging devices etc) and generated a bit of excitement. The inevitable question arose, “Where did you get the funding?” to which the answer was (I loved it) “We didn’t. The stuff isn’t that expensive if you shop around.”
Hello! Invest some time web browsing, take a (slight) risk and you get stuff for a great price. The Principal went on to say that he just likes gadgets and keeps “throwing” them at teachers and students to see what they come up with. Moral of the story? Take a risk. Crappy first draft. Nothing works unless you do.

We were also brilliant (of course!) although Mark Pesce thought we were a primary school (he twittered some complimentary things about our talk and Silverton’s). Should have given a bit of a preamble I guess. Roll on next week. Shorter presentation this time but a big one with big boss of CEO. No pressure.